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American Forces In Action series: Home

"These volumes, prepared by professional historians shortly after the events described provide a concise summary of some of the major campaigns and battles found by American soldiers."

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This series “presents detailed accounts of particular combat operations of United States forces. To the American public, this record of high achievement by men who served their Nation well is presented as a preface to the full military history of World War II. To the soldiers who took part in the operations concerned, these narratives will give the opportunity to see more clearly the results of order which they obeyed and of sacrifices which and their comrades made, in performance of missions that find their meaning in the outcome of a larger plan of battle.” Dwight D. Eisenhower


Admiralties, Operations Of The 1st Cavalry Division (29 February-18 May, 1944)  1946 ed.: Print  1990 Reprint: Print   Online:   Hathi  Army

Anzio Beachhead, 22 January - 25 May 1944 1990 reprint:  Print   Online:  Hathi  Hyperwar   Army

Capture of Makin (20 November-24 November 1943) 1946 ed.:  Print  Online 1990 reprint:  Print  Online:    Hyperwar    Army

Fifth Army at the Winter Line (15 November 1943-15 January 1944)  1945 ed.:  Print  Online 1990 reprint:  Print   Online

From the Volturno to the Winter Line 1945 ed.:  Print  1990 reprint:  Print   Online

Guam, operations of the 77th Division (21 July-10 August 1944) 1946 ed.:  Print  1990 reprint:  Print    Online:   Hathi   Army

Merrill's marauders (February-May 1944) 1945 ed.:  Print  Online 1990 reprint:  Print   Online

Omaha beachhead (6 June-13 June 1944) 1945 ed.:  Print   1994 reprint:  Print   Online    Hathi  Hyperwar    Army

Papuan campaign; the Buna-Sanananda operation, 16 November 1942-23 January  1944 ed.:  Print  Online 1990 reprint:  Print   Online:  Hyperwar    Army

Saint-Lô (7 July-19 July 1944)  1947 ed.:  Print  1990 reprint:  Print  Online:   Hyperwar    Army

Salerno, American operations from the beaches to the Volturno (9 September-6 October 1943)  1944 ed.:   Print  Online 1990 reprint:  Print  Online:  Hathi  Army

Small unit actions 1946 ed.:  Print  1986 reprint:  Print  Online:    Hyperwar    Army

To Bizerte with the II Corps, 23 April 1943-13 May 1943 1946 ed.:  Print   1990 reprint:  Online:  Hathi     Army

Utah Beach to Cherbourg (6 June-27 June 1944) 1984 reprint:  Online:  Hathi  Hyperwar   Army

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