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U.S. Army Unit Histories: Home

Searching in the Online Catalog

1. The easiest way is to use this format in the  Advanced Keyword Search in the Online Catalog:

  • Subject: United States Army
  • Any Field: Type of unit (e.g., infantry, quartermaster, transportation, etc.)
  • Subject: State (if applicable)
  • Any Field: Numbering of unit (if applicable). Use all possible variations linked by "or"

Example #1 - Finding a book on the Second Michigan Infantry

  • Subject: United States Army
  • Any Field: infantry
  • Subject: Michigan
  • Any Field: 2nd or 2d or second

Example #2 - Finding a book on the Women's Army Corps

  • Subject: United States Army
  • Any Field: women's army corps

2. A more formal way is to do a Subject Search in the Online Catalog with this format:

United States. Army. [Types of Unit] [Numbering, if applicable). Examples:

  • United States Army. Armored Cavalry Regiment, 3rd
  • United States Army. Armored Division, 1st
  • United States Army. Armored Force
  • Unites States Army. Military Personnel Center
  • United States Army. Military Police Battalion, 726th
  • United States Army. Miltary Railway Service
  • United States Army. Tank-Automotive Command
  • United States Army. Tank Destroyer Battalion, 824th
  • United States Army. Task Force Detroit

Army Lineage Series

"The Army Lineage Series is one of the oldest series of volumes published by the Center of Military History. Over time, the scope and concept of the series have evolved considerably, but the purpose has remained the same: to provide a compact, readily available source of information on unit organizational history. All lineage volumes have included illustrations and descriptions of unit insignia designed and manufactured by The Institute of Heraldry. Many volumes have included narrative essays of varying lengths discussing the evolution of the branch. Some branches/echelons have been covered in multiple volumes with the narrative published separately from the lineages. Most have also contained unit bibliographies. Because of the specialized terminology used on the certificates, most volumes also include a glossary." Source:

Air defense artillery.print version   online version    

Armies, corps, divisions, and separate brigades print version   online version

Armor-Cavalry print version   online version

Aviation print version   online version

Continental Army print version   online version 

Field artillery   1992 print version     2010 print version

Infantry  print version   online version

Maneuver and firepower : the evolution of divisions and separate brigades print version   online version

Military Intelligence  print version   online version

Military Police  print version   online version  

Other Resources

"Lineage and Honors Information" from the U.S. Army Center of Military. This resource covers units that are currently active.


Antiaircraft artillery battalions of the US Army  

Armor-Cavalry regiments (Army National Guard lineage series)

Cavalry regiments of the US Army

Field artillery battalions of the US Army

Getting the message through : a branch history of the U.S. Army Signal Corps   Print version   Online version

Histories, personal narratives: United States Army; a checklist Print version   Online version

Infantry regiments of the US Army

Regimental history of the United States regular Army. Chronological outline: 1866-1918

Tank battalions of the US Army

United States Army unit and organizational histories : a bibliography

United States Army unit histories Print version   Online version:  Volume 1 Volume 2

United States Army unit histories : a reference and bibliography


Subject Guide

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