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History of the Catholic Church in the United States: Primary Sources

Online Resources

History of the Catholic Church in the United States: Primary Sources: Online Resources

American Catholic History Classroom


"...a continuously-updated primary document site featuring a range of materials related to the American Catholic experience. Aimed at both educators and researchers, the Classroom currently has six fully-developed websites on a range of topics that can be fit into existing curricula."


Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (Fordham University Library)


"...this digital project provides access to archival images documenting two important aspects of Catholic higher education. For this pilot initiative, contributors agreed to select and catalog photographs depicting the long-standing tradition of great teaching found in all Jesuit institutions. Other contributors submitted images that highlighted social justice and service-learning programs at their institutions."


Catholic Educational Exhibit, World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago


"Consists of 50 photographs documenting the building, hall, and alcoves where Catholic educational institutions displayed objects and printed material from 1892-1893 during the World's Columbian Exposition."


Catholic University of America: Selected Images and Prints


"...contains images and prints of the Catholic University of America buildings and grounds, faculty, students, and University community from different periods of it's history."


National Catholic Welfare Council (NCWC) Lantern Slide Collection


A series of one hundred and eleven slides that "appear to have been created for use with a lecture or presentation detailing the NCWC's work with veterans of the First and Second World Wars in the United States...They feature photographs of social events, religious events, National Catholic Community Service (NCCS) / National Council of Catholic Men (NCCM) sponsored events, United States' Armed Forces personnel, children, and assorted NCWC organizational charts. Many of the slides prominently feature African American soldiers or children, and many also show interracial events or groups."


Rev. Joseph Mosley, S.J., Papers (Georgetown University Library)


Jesuit missionary in Maryland, 1758-1787.


Treasure Chest of Fun & Fact


"...a Catholic comic book published by George A. Pflaum of Dayton, Ohio, and provided to Catholic parochial school students between 1946 and 1972. The digital collection is a project that includes the first eighteen volumes running from 1946 to 1963. (Some issues in Volume 4 are missing.)"


Ursuline Convent, Charlestown, Mass., Collection


"...documents the ministry of the Ursulines of Quebec in Boston area during the early 1800s and demonstrates the strong anti-Catholic sentiment that existed in New England. The collection spans the years 1833 - 1903 and includes correspondence, a hand-written copy of an eyewitness report of the convent's burning in 1834, a scrapbook history, printed items including journals, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings, and a photo and sketch of the convent."

Print Materials

History of the Catholic Church in the United States: Primary Sources: Print Materials


Under Construction

American Catholic Identities series


* Gender identities in American Catholicism


* Keeping faith : European and Asian Catholic immigrants


* Prayer and practice in the American Catholic community


* Presente! : U.S. Latino Catholics from colonial origins to the present


American Catholics and slavery, 1789-1866 : an anthology of primary documents




Burtsell, Richard Lalor, 1840-1912.//Diary of Richard L. Burtsell, priest of New York : the early years, 1865-1868




Catholics in colonial law.




Cullinane, Patrick Jerome.//Memoirs of Rev. Patrick Jerome Cullinane, pastor, Sacred Heart Parish, Yale, Michigan, 1898-1914


Held by the Library of Michigan.


Day, Dorothy, 1897-1980.//All is grace : the spirituality of Dorothy Day




Documentary reports on early American Catholicism




Documents of American Catholic history


* 1956 ed. 1 volume


* 1967 ed. 2 volumes.


* 1987 ed. 3 volumes (Vols. 1-2 are reprintsof 1967 ed; vol. 3 is new)


Elder, William Henry, 1819-1904.// Civil War diary (1862-1865) of Bishop William Henry Elder, Bishop of Natchez




Holmes-Sheehan correspondence : letters of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. and Canon Patrick Augustine Sheehan [e-book]




Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968.


* The school of charity : the letters of Thomas Merton on religious renewal and spiritual direction


* Journals of Thomas Merton


MSU Library has Vols. 1-2; 4-5.


o Vol. 1: Run to the mountain : the story of a vocation: 1939-1941


o Vol. 2: Entering the silence : becoming a monk & writer : 1941-1952


o Vol. 4: Turning toward the world : the pivotal years: 1960-1963


o Vol. 5: Dancing in the water of life : seeking peace in the hermitage: 1963-1965


* Seeds of destruction.


Polish National Catholic Church of America : minutes of the Supreme Council, 1904-1969




Quest for unity : Orthodox and Catholics in dialogue : documents of the Joint International Commission and Official Dialogues in the United States, 1965-1995




United States documents in the Propaganda Fide archives; a calendar




Vaticano e Stati Uniti, 1939-1952


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