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Conscription and The Draft in American History: Home

Conscription and The Draft in American History

Table of Contents:


* Bibliographies

* Other Reference Materials

* Selective Service System





* Conscription : a select and annotated bibliography


Published in 1976.

* Conscription of men, material resources and wealth in time of war; with select reference on war profiteering.


Published in 1940.

* Military manpower policy; a bibliographic survey


Published in 1965.

* Military service in the United States: Special bibliography


Published in 1982.



Other Reference Materials


* Handbook for conscientious objectors


Published by the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors in Philadelphia. Special Collections has the following editions at UB342.U5 C4 :

1st (1952)

2nd (1954)

8th (1965)

9th (1968)

10th (1968 & 1969)

11th (1970)

13th (1981)

* U.S. military service : a reference handbook


"Cynthia Watson, professor of strategy at the National War College, analyzes the major issues that are reshaping the military in the era of global terrorism—problems of recruitment, urban warfare, effective use of electronic media, and rebuilding failed states. She also examines the unprecedented policy of relinquishing military duties to the for-profit sector, which has occurred in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Through a combination of detailed analysis and broad overview, the work shows how the U.S. military is quickly transforming itself into a leaner, more agile force."



Selective Service System


* Official Web Site


* Annual and semi-annual reports of the Selective Service System (chronological arrangement)



o Report of the Director of Selective Service


1940/1941 - 1944/1945 with supplements for 1946/1947

o Selective service under the 1948 act.


1948/1950 - 1950/1951

o Annual report of the Director of Selective Service for the fiscal year ... to the Congress of the United States pursuant to the Universal Military Training and Service Act as amended.


1951- 1967

o Semiannual report of the director of Selective Service.


1967 - 1986 (some issues missing)

o Annual report to the Congress of the United States from the director of the Selective Service System


1989 - 1992,1994-

* Periodicals



o The register



o Selective service news.


1951 - 1976



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