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French horn music and literature: Home

Call numbers and subject headings for French horn music, literature, biographies of hornists.

Subject headings and call numbers

The following subject headings are to be used in the library catalog to lead to music for one horn with or without accompaniment.  Call number ranges apply only to scores. Use the same headings to search for recordings but note that these will begin with CD, ST or LP.

Horn music (M80-M84) – music for one horn, unaccompanied

Horn and piano music (M256-257) –music originally written for horn and piano, not in any specific form

Horn and piano music, Arranged (M258-259)– music arranged for horn and piano but NOT reduced from an orchestral score

Sonatas (Horn and piano) (M256-257)—music for horn and piano in sonata form

Concertos (Horn) (M1028) –concertos for horn with orchestra

Concertos (Horn with string orchestra) (M1128) – concertos for horn with string orchestra

Concertos (Horn) – Solo with piano (M1029) – concertos for horn and orchestra, acc. arr. for piano

Concertos (Horn with string orchestra)—Solo with piano (M1129)-concertos for horn and string orchestra, acc. arr. for piano

Horn with orchestra  (M1028); Horn with string orchestra (M1128) – works for horn with orchestra not in a specific form

Horn with orchestraSolo with piano (M1029); Horn with string orchestra—Solo with piano (M1129)—works for horn with orchestra; accompaniment reduced for piano, not in a specific form

Subject headings for ensembles

These headings apply to music for two or more horns, or horn and other instruments.

Horn music (Horns (2)) (M288-289) – horn duets; all duets for two wind instruments are in this call number

Brass trios (Horns (3) (M357.4)-horn trios; all original trios for brass instruments are in this call number.  All arrangements for brass trios are in M359-364.  Trios originally for mixed woodwind and brass use M357; arrangements for mixed instruments use M359-364. 

Brass quartets (Horns (4)) (M457.4; as above) 

If an ensemble is for mixed brass, the horn will appear in the listing in alphabetic order: Brass quartets (Horn, trombone, trumpets (2)); Brass quartets (Baritone, cornets (2), horn, trombone)

If an ensemble is for both woodwind and brass, the headings “Wind trio”, “Wind quartet”, etc., will be used, followed by specification of instruments in alphabetic order. 

Examples:  Wind trios (Bassoon, clarinet, horn); Wind quintets (Bassoon, clarinet,  English horn, flute, horn)

If an ensemble includes strings, the heading should be Trios, Quartets, Quintets (etc), followed by instruments:  Quintets (Bassoon, clarinet, horn, violin, viola)

Other headings

Most other headings for horn, without the word “music” or other instrument names, use the form:  Horn (Musical instrument)

Horn (Musical instrument) (ML 955-958)—books about the horn

Horn (Musical instrument) (MT420-423)—Instruction and study

Horn (Musical instrument) (MT422)—Methods

Horn (Musical instrument) (MT426)—Orchestra studies

Horn (Musical instrument) (MT425)—Studies and exercises

For biographies of horn players, see the individual’s name or the subject heading

Horn players

For lists of horn music and/or recordings, see

Horn music—Bibliography (ML128.H67)—lists of music

Horn music—Discography (ML156.4 H7)—lists of recordings


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