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IBIO 101--Finding information about Biology and Zoology careers: Finding a Book to Review

Using the MSU Libraries Catalog to search for books

Search the MSU Libraries Online Catalog to find a book you might want to review.  We have many recently published books as well as electronic books. 

If the book you are interested in is an electronic book, click on the link to get into the book online.  If you are unable to get into the book, try using a different browser as sometimes there are problems with certain browsers. 

To find a book for your review:

You can always look up any book that you know about (such as from your suggestions list) by title or author

For books about people, search keywords : 

autobiography and biology

biography and biology

autobiography and zoology

biography and zoology

biography and zoologists

biography and naturalists

biography and veterinarians

biography and ornithologists

For histories or books about institutions, use keywords:

history and zoos

philosophy and zoos

history and museums

If you have the name of a biologist you're interested in, search just their name:

Gregor Mendel

Rachel Carson

Dian Fossey

To find books on animals, biology, zoology that are popular-type books try these searces:

animals and popular works

animal behavior and popular works

biology and popular works

genetics and popular works

ecology and popular works

animal behavior

Finding your book in the library


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