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MMG 445--Editing Wikipedia Articles in Biotechnology: Getting Started

Research Strategy

It is important to have a strategy when you begin your search for information.  Start with the general and later close in on the specific.  This will help you to understand what you are reading.

  1. Consult the Editing Wikipedia Brochure and take the online training modules. 
  2. Find a topic in Wikipedia that is incomplete, is a stub article, needs more work, or could use more in-depth coverage and citation. 

What types of sources are good to consult and cite for writing a Wikipedia article?

  1. Books, electronic books, and encyclopedias can bring you up to speed on concepts and help you understand the bigger picture about a topic. 
  2. Review articles published in specialty review journals have excellent up-to-date articles on current topics.  You can browse some of the top ones on the "Finding biotechnology news" tab of this guide. 
  3. Review articles published in other scientific journals are another excellent source of learning the current state of knowledge on a topic.   Find these using a database such as PubMed or Web of Science. 

Important!  If you cannot find several (at least 3-5) good and current sources on a topic, you will likely not have enough to write an article that is original.  Using only one or two sources generally leads to plagiarism. 

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