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The R Series from IAML: Home

The "R" series defined

The R series of music references are published by the International Association of Music Libraries (IAML)  IAML has personal and institutional members in many countries; its official languages are English, French and German. As part of its mission to assist music scholars worldwide, it has undertaken to publish three major series of reference works, each of which begins with the French word "Repertoire" - hence the designation "R."  Each of these series contains preliminary remarks in the three languages but individual entries may be in the language of the submission or the institution holding the material. IAML continues to add to its digital holdings for these series but it will be many years before the task is completed; therefore, paper volumes will continue to be held for the forseeable future.


RILM=Repertoire international de la literature musicale (International repertory of music literature)

ML1.R15 – RILM ABSTRACTS available on line. Older paper volumes housed in Journal Reference, before the ML1 periodicals; paper publication ceased in 1999. Abstracts of music literature from music journals, Festschriften, some books (especially collections of essays by different authors) and dissertations, dating from 1969. Much of the material indexed in RILM is available at MSU; most other items available on interlibrary loan.  This, along with Music Index (by a different publisher), is the most helpful indexing source for music materials.

RIPM (Repertoire international de la press musicale (International inventory of the musical press)

ML 128.P24  Many volumes are available on line. Paper volumes housed in Journal Reference (journal room, before the ML periodicals.) The paper volumes will not be acquired after 2009.

Indexes several hundred music journals, primarily from the 1800s, but stretching back into the late 1700s and projected to come forward to 1950, with international coverage.  The volumes are comprised of the index for each issue of each journal, often with short annotations but no abstracts and no texts. Increasingly, some journals or articles are available as full-text online; others are available through interlibrary loan.

RISM (Repertoire international des sources musicales (Inernational inventory of musical sources)

The three RISM series titles are indexes to various collections held in reporting institutions throughout the world but primarily European and major American libraries, monasteries and other repositories. They can help determine the location(s) of an early printed source, a manuscript, or a library reporting its holdings to IAML. These are primarily useful for research in early sources, rather than for modern scores.

Series A: ML 113.I63  Printed sources before 1800

Series B: ML 113.I64   Manuscripts

Series C: ML113.I65  Directory of research libraries, chiefly those participating in A or B

Many volumes are also available on-line; IAML continues the digitization process. Paper volumes in Journal Reference (journal room, before the ML periodicals.)

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