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SOC 985, Spring 2016, Dr Logan Williams. Qualitative Field Research: SOC 985 resource ideas


Perspectives of innovation coaches on food innovation: role, definition of innovation, training, application to other fields, ownership of food concepts, patents pro/con.


Proposed new strategy for marketing aquaculture (farmed fish) products.

Archival collections in SPC:


Community-based research; community buy-in through public engagement in decision making.

Archival collections in SPC:


Women academic entrepreneurs commercializing, licensing, or copyrighting ideas.

What life experiences or institutional policies and practices reinforce or reduce women academics' commercial science participation?

University Archives & Historical Collections:


Innovation and its use in Agricultural Extension Services.

Library research guide on Agricultural Experiment Station Documents

University Archives & Historical Collections:

Yuen Mei

Undergrad dietetics students' perspectives on innovation and innovation counseling (mentoring, training, guidance) in the development of new food products.

University Archives & Historical Collections

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