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ArticleReach Direct: About ArticleReach Direct

What is ArticleReach Direct?

ArticleReach Direct is a consortium of academic libraries. Members have created a combined catalog of their journal collections. Authorized users from each library below may request articles from other member libraries' journals by requesting them online in the ArticleReach Direct Catalog or through their home libraries' electronic indexes.

What material is available in ArticleReach Direct?

ArticleReach Direct gives you access to the combined journal titles of member libraries. ArticleReach Direct is continuously updated with the local holdings of member libraries. Since MSU is a member library you now have faster access to requesting articles MSU Libraries doesn't own. 

Who can use ArticleReach Direct?

Faculty, staff, and students at Michigan State can use ArticleReach Direct. Check with the library if you are unsure of your requesting status. 

Where can I get more information about ArticleReach Direct?

For additional information about searching, requesting, viewing your article, and other ArticleReach Direct policies, please contact your member library (see list on the left).


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