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BME 803: Biomedical Engineering Research Methods: Databases

Information and resources for biomedical engineering graduate students. Last updated: 9/8/17.

Databases & Indexes

Setting Up Google Scholar for MSU Access

Google Scholar can be set up so that it recognizes you as an MSU user and will give you access to full-text articles where possible. Be aware that not all articles the MSU Libraries provides access to will appear so you may need to locate them by searching for the journal in the A-Z Electronic Journal List.

1) Go to Google Scholar; login to your account if you have one.

2) Access Settings by clicking on the gear icon at the top of the page.

How to get to Google Scholar settings

3) Select Library Links from the menu on the left.

Where to find Library Links option from menu in Google Scholar settings

4) Search for Michigan State University. From the results list put a check in the box by Michigan State University - MSU Access. Click Save.

Steps for searching for MSU and choosing MSU Access highlighted

5) When you do a search on Google Scholar and MSU Access link will appear to the right of the articles we have full text access to. Clicking this link will take you to a page where you can download the PDF or browse for the specific article.

Search results with MSU Access link circled


Additional Databases

If addition to the databases listed here, there are a number of additional databases available in Medicine and Engineering.

Finding Full Text Articles

Note: You cannot use the catalog to find individual articles within a journal. For this you must search in the journal itself or use an article database.

To find the full text of articles:

  1. First, while in the database, look for the green or white full text buttons. Green full text button.    White full text button.
  2. Check the A to Z Electronic Journal list.
  3. Search the MSU Libraries Catalog.
    1. Enter the NAME of JOURNAL.
    2. Select PERIODICAL TITLES AT MSU from menu.
  4. Place a MARS or ILL request.
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