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Collection Development Policy Statement: Business

Principal Selectors

Laura Leavitt
Head, Gast Business Library
Librarian for School of Human Resources and Labor Relations
Selector: Human Resources, Labor Relations, Management, and MBA Programs

Breezy Silver
Assistant Head and Collections Coordinator/Librarian, Gast Business Library
Selector: Hospitality, International Business, and Economics

Katie Emery
Librarian, Gast Business Library
Selector: Accounting, Finance, Business Data Services, and Career Information

Alex Hauser
Librarian, Gast Business Library
Selector: Advertising, Marketing, Management, Human Resources & Labor Relations, and MBA Programs

Terence O'Neill
Librarian, Gast Business Library
Selector: Corporate Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, and Supply Chain Management




General Statement

Collection Development Policy

Gast Business Library

Michigan State University Libraries


This collection policy is intended to serve as both a planning tool for the development of the Gast Business Library collection and as a way of communicating information about the collection. With this policy, collection development librarians will work with consistency toward defined goals, creating a strong collection. It should guide faculty and librarians in making recommendations for additions to the collection.

The Gast Business Library is located in the basement of the Law College Building. Additional materials are located in the Main Library. The collection provides support for all undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs offered at the University.

Ask a Business Librarian

Gast Business Library

Gast Business Library
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Law College Building
648 N. Shaw Lane, Room 50
East Lansing, MI  48824-1300
(517) 355-3380

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