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MSU Libraries Mentoring Resources: Micro-Mentors


Micro-mentors are library faculty and staff with areas of specific expertise who are willing to provide advice and input in those areas. Librarians and staff (staff - please get supervisor's permission) are free to contact anyone on this list to set up an informal discussion or consultation relevant to their area of expertise, subject to the micro-mentor's availability.

Name Areas of Expertise
Ezzo, Anita Publishing, exhibits, editing, grants
Graff, Susan Student and staff supervision
Hansen, Jacquelyn DiSC
Jones, Ruth Ann Editing, publishing, library PR
Kendall, Susan Librarian supervision, vendor negotiation, scholarly communication, collections
Ladenson, Sharon Teaching, liaison
Leavitt, Laura Course instruction, librarian supervision, staff supervision, professional organization involvement
Miller, Sara Teaching, creating goals & objectives, information literacy
Minkin, Rachel Reference, collegiality, professional organization involvement
Morningstar, Jill DiSC
Oberdick, Ben Teaching, information literacy
Perentesis, Stephanie Working with ESL & international patrons, MSU/library institutional knowledge
Silver, Breezy Vendor negotiation, genealogy, licensing, collaborating with Tech Services, liaison development
Thornton, Jill Staff and student supervision
Tobias, Christine Project management
Weessies, Kathleen Professional organization involvement
Weismantel, Arlene Administration, supervision
Wheeler, Abe Liaison


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