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Terrorism: Find Books

Believe It or Not

Every six hours, a new English-language book dealing with terrorism in general or some aspect of it is published, and no wonder the field of terrorism studies branched out into many subfields, each dealing with their own specialized research agendas, such as suicide terrorism, weapons of mass destruction (WMD) terrorism, or aviation and maritime terrorism.   Source : Oxford Bibliographies Online : Social Work : Terrorism introduction.


The books listed to the right are just some of the more recent titles dealing with terrorism that the  MSU Library owns.  To find more titles dealing with terrorism, conduct a Subject search in the MSU Catalog using such subject headings as  terrorism, terrorists, homeland security, political violence, bombings, "government resistance to", sabotage, and state-sponsored terrorism.  Or if you prefer use the SearchPlus Box and type in whatever terms you want and refine with the facets in the left colum.

Recent Books

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