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MC 498: Civic Engagement and Community Development in Lansing (Jezierski): American FactFinder

Factfinder 2

Video: Retrieving race data from Census 2000 (3:55) 

Video: Retrieving income data from Census 2000 (3:56)  (includes getting rid of the little green triangles in the Excel table)

Screen shots:

Step 1: In the left bar expand the "Geographies" option to pop-out the Select Geographies window.  Choose Tracts.

Factfinder 2 choosing tracts



Step 2: In the search box type in the name of a city, then select "All Census Tracts (or parts) within"

choose tracts within a certain city


Steps 3: Close the Geographies option and open the Topics option.  Choose a topic. 

Factfinder 2 Population attributes 


Step 4: In the "Search Results" window (center of screen) either click on the blue text of the topic, or checkmark the topic then click "View"

factfinder 2 choosing population attributes





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