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TE 808: Inquiry into Classroom Teaching & Learning

Alternative forms of classroom inquiry to improve teaching and learning of subject matter. Social context of teaching and learning, pedagogy, and teaching effects. Social and academic outcomes for diverse learners.

Advanced Search in Eric

How do you get to these library databases? You can start from the library homepage where you'll see a search box with 4 tabs across the top.

Click on the 3rd tab that says Databases, and you'll see a dropdown menu for databases listed by subject. For this example, I'm going to select Education, but please note there are subject databases for related disciplines such as Psychology and International Studies. Click Go and a list of databases will populate. Our new "Best Bets" feature displays the top two databases in the field at the top. ERIC is the premier database for Education so I will conduct my search there.

Make sure you go directly to the Advanced Search page by clicking on the link that says "Advanced Search."

Here you can plug in your keywords and conduct your search based on Boolean operators and the other strategies discussed in "How to Search." Refer back to it as needed to complete your search.

It's also important to keep in mind that research is not linear, but cyclical. Don't expect to find all the results you need by completing one search. You will need to revise your search and that can be done in multiple ways, either by changing your keywords to the subject terms used in the database, or you might need to make your topic more broad or more specific, depending on the results. Another strategy for conducting research includes looking at the reference lists of articles for related sources. In the next tab on SearchPlus vs. Library Catalog, we'll show you how to find the full text of resources from citations to make this process easier. 

As always, if you get stuck along the way and need help, don't hesitate to contact me. I'd be happy to help!

Finding the Full Text

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