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RCAH 202 - Fall 2015 - Professor Lisa Biggs: Visual works

The Masses


The Masses was a socialist magazine published 1911-1917, and was known for its innovative and politically pointed illustrations.

The covers have been digitized, which may help you decide which issue(s) to examine further.

Political art

43: Cuarenta y tres. México: El Taller de la Lorraine, 2015.

80 Years of Political Art in the U.S. War Resisters' League, 1980.

Ayotzinapa: Desaparición Política. Pensaré Cartoneras, 2014.

Chicano/a Latino/a Posters Collection

Migration Now: A Print Portfolio of Handmade Prints Addressing Migrant Issues. Justseeds Artists' Cooperative, 2012.

Emory Douglas and the Black Panthers

Cover image for Black Panther: The Revolutionary Art of Emory DouglasEmory Douglas was the Minister of Culture for the Black Panthers from 1967 to the 1980s, and a talented artist.

Many of the back-page illustrations of the Black Panther newspaper were by Douglas. These could be detached and used as posters.

Rizzoli published Black Panther: The Revolutionary Art of Emory Douglas in 2007.

Anti-Apartheid Posters

Cover image for Red on Black.

Red on Black: The Story of the South African Poster Movement. South African History Archives, 2007.

We have more than 550 posters from South Africa, neighboring countries in Southern Africa, and from anti-apartheid movements all over the world.

The full collection can be browsed here. This will include post-apartheid-era political posters from several countries, and messages related to health, education, rights of laborers, etc.

Narrow your search to anti-apartheid posters by searching posters and apartheid.

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