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Introduction to Zotero: An Online Tutorial

Getting started with the basics for the citation management program.


1.  How much free storage space does my account give me?


Storage plans and pricing are available at

How can I maximize my storage space?

You can maximize your storage space by disabling automatic attachments (see the recommended set up instructions for further information) and/or by linking to files stored on your hard drive instead of storing files on the server.  This is the difference between "linked files" and "stored files."  Linked files create a path to a file stored on your computer.  The caveat is that they do no sync (not accessible from multiple computers) and are not shareable in group libraries.  Stored files are copied onto your server space, sync, are accessible from any computer, and can be shared in group libraries (and take up storage space).

2.  Can I export citations from EndNote into Zotero?

Yes.  See for instructions.

3. I share a computer (e.g., at home with my partner). Can we have multiple Zotero accounts on one computer?

Yes. The easiest way to do this is by using Zotero for Firefox and setting up a different Firefox profile for each person. This will keep your Zotero libraries separated.

Zotero for Advanced Users

Citation Styles

Zotero comes pre-loaded with many of the most commonly used styles. Additional styles are available for a free download from the Zotero Style Repository at

There is no user-friendly built-in style editor. If the style you need is not available you should check the Zotero forums to see if anyone has already made a request to have that style made. If no one has, then go ahead and post a request. Someone in the Zotero programming community may be willing to help. Be sure to include a link to the style-sheet in your request.

Tips for Mac Users

Locating the Word plug in for Zotero on a Mac.

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In-person Workshops at the Library

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