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The Crusades: Online Catalog

Short guide to researching the Crusades, in English, 11th-14th centuries.

Online Catalog

If you know the author or title of particular book you want to find, look it up in our online catalog by title or author (last name, first name).  In searching for particular book titles, do not use the initial A, An, or The in your search; do include these words as they occur later in the book title.

To find books on particular topics, use keyword or subject searchesKeyword searches may be composed of any word you hope might be found in a book title.  When you find a particularly good book by using a keyword search, notice, near the bottom of the entry for that book, what the subject headings are for it; try clicking on some of those to find more material, if needed.

Subject searches employ Library of Congress Subject Headings. Catalogers assign several subject headings to each book they catalog based on examining it to know what it is about.  Below is a list of useful subject headings for looking up books in our catalog on the Crusades.  Subject search is accessible from the Advanced Search page.


Crusade bulls

Crusader art




Crusades—Early Works to 1800




Crusades—Handbooks, Manuals, etc.





Crusades—Personal Narratives


Crusades—Songs and Music


Crusades—First, 1096-1099

Crusades—Second, 1147-1149

Crusades—Third, 1189-1192

Crusades—Fourth, 1202-1204

Crusades—Fifth, 1218-1221

Crusades—Sixth, 1228-1229

Crusades—Seventh, 1248-1250

Crusades—Eighth, 1270

Crusades—Later, 13th, 14th, 15th centuries

Crusades—13th-15th centuries

Crusades in art

Crusades in Literature

Crusades in Motion Pictures

Jerusalem—History—Latin Kingdom, 1099-1244

Latin Empire, 1204-1261

Latin Orient

Military history, medieval

Saladan, Sultan of Egypt and Syria, 1137-1193



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