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LB 133 - 011: Introduction to HPS of Science - Dr. Halpern: Course Information


Instructor:        Dr. Megan Halpern
Class Time:      Mondays and Wednesdays 12:40-2:30pm

Reading materials

External Resources

The Library:

The library maintains a resource page for history of science and technology. It links to catalogues, databases, and other resource that you might find useful for your assignments. Lyman Briggs’s library liaison is Suzanne Teghtmeyer:

The Writing Center:

“The Writing Center […] provides one-on-one and group writing consultations, various writing-specific workshops, as well as writing groups for graduate students and faculty. We have locations across MSU’s campus serving the needs of all students and campus communities.”

Counseling Center:

“One-on-one counseling services are offered to help students address concerns in a number of areas including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, stress management, family or other relationships, career decision-making, cultural identity, lesbian/bi/gay/transgender issues, interpersonal concerns, sexual assault, and couples issues. Any student registered for one or more credits is eligible for an initial consultation. As resources permit, additional services and/or referrals may be provided.”

Articles & other linked resources

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