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Finding Secondary Data for Marketing Students

Roger Calantone / August 2016

Evaluate Data

Once you’ve chosen a data set that you believe will work, take care to carefully evaluate it. Is it appropriate? Does it come from an authoritative source? Does it fit your needs? Does it cover your Where, When, and Who or What requirements? Are you willing to compromise your requirements or manipulate the data to fit your needs? Always read the documentation and codebook to ensure that the analysis you are planning to do really measures what you want it to.

Analyze Data

The Center for Statistical Training and Consulting (CSTAT) is the primary unit on campus that assists with data analysis.  CSTAT is a professional service and research unit that aims to support research and provide training and consulting in statistics for faculty, staff and graduate students.

For additional on campus resources please consult the Data Analysis page.


This is a short list of helpful tutorials that are useful for learning more about the technicalities of secondary data manipulation and codebooks.

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