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HST 483 (Hanshew): Subject Searching in the Online Catalog

Subjects A-G

Anschluss movement, 1918 1938

Anti-Nazi movement

Antisemitism  Germany

Catholic Church  Germany

Christianity and politics  Germany

Church and state  Germany  History 1933 1945

Eugenics  Germany

Euthanasia  Germany 


German-Christian movement

Germany  Armed Forces  History  World War, 1939 1945

Germany  Church history  1933 1945 

Germany  Church history  20th century

Germany  Civilization

Germany  Cultural policy

Germany  Economic conditions 1918 1945

Germany  Economic conditions  20th century

Germany  Economic policy 1933 1945

Germany  Ethnic relations

Germany  Foreign relations  1933 1945

Germany  Foreign relations  20th century

Germany  Historiography

Germany  History  1918 1933

Germany  History  1933 1945

Germany  History  20th century

Germany  History  Bombardment, 1940 1945

Germany  History Night of the Long Knives, 1934

Germany  Intellectual life

Germany  Intellectual life  20th century

Germany  Politics and government 1918 1933

Germany  Politics and government  1933 1945

Germany  Politics and government  20th century

Germany  Race relations

Germany  Religion 1933 1945

Germany  Religion  20th century

Germany  Social conditions 1918 1933

Germany  Social conditions 1933 1945

Germany  Social conditions  20th century 

Germany  Social life and customs  20th century

Subjects H-Z

Holocaust, Jewish (1939 1945)

Human experimentation in medicine

Lutheran Church  Germany

Motion pictures, German

National characteristics, German

National Socialism

National socialism  Philosophy

National socialism and architecture 

National socialism and art

National socialism and education

National socialism and genealogy

National socialism and homosexuality

National socialism and intellectuals

National socialism and justice

National socialism and literature

National socialism and medicine

National socialism and motion pictures

National socialism and music

National socialism and occultism

National socialism and philosophy

National socialism and religion

National socialism and scholarship

National socialism and science

National socialism and sex

National socialism and sports

National socialism and technology

National socialism and theater

National socialism in literature

National socialism in motion pictures

National socialism  Moral and ethical aspects


Physical anthropology  Germany

Propaganda, German

Propaganda  Germany

Protestant churches  Germany

Racism  Germany

Radio broadcasting, German

Women Germany

World War, 1939 1945

World War, 1939 1945   Religious aspects

World War, 1939 1945 Germany


Bund Deutscher Mädel = League of German Madens [grils' counterpart to Hitler Youth]

Germany. Geheime Staatspolizei = Gestapo or State Secret Police

Germany. Heer = German Army

Germany. Kriegsmarine = German Navy

Germany. Luftwaffe = German Air Force

Germany. Wehrmacht = German Armed Forces

Hitler-Jugend = Hitler Youth

Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei = National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazi Party)

Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei. Schutzstaffel = SS or Defense/Protection Squads

Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei. Schutzstaffel. Sicherheitsdienst   = SD or Nazi Secret Service

Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei. Schutzstaffel. Sicherheitspolizei  = SIPO or Nazi Security Police

Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei. Sturmabteilung = SA or Storm Troops

Waffen-SS = Armed SS

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