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WS201 Online, Summer 2017: Your Topics

Transgender women of color

The additional stigma and discrimination faced by transwomen of color in comparison to their white counterparts.

Mainstream media coverage of trans issues has greatly increased in the last 2-3 years but the alternative press started paying attention to trans issues earlier. Search these:

These two databases will cover scholarly writing on trans issues:

U.S Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics. Find statistics such as incarceration rates here.

LGBT Studies in Video. Includes 20+ documentaries on trans issues.


​If you're in East Lansing this summer, MSU Special Collections has many newsletters and zines from the trans community. (If you're not, don't worry! Some of them are in the Independent Voices database above. MSU's collection was a major source for that.)

Expressions of feminisms abroad

How indigenous women express feminist ideals that may be in contradiction with traditional Western concepts of feminism; also differing conceptualizations of women's rights.

Statistics on women's situations in different countries may provide context to indigenous women's feminist ideals or conceptualization of women's rights.

Scholarly sources

Coverage of Native American newspapers

Archival sources


Keep track of the names of any local women's rights organizations you come across. If there's a website, it will likely include a statement of the organization's priorities and concerns.

Black women and the U.S. criminal justice system

The Latasha Harlins case from shortly before the 1992 LA uprising, and the impact that criminalization and mass incarceration have on black women and girls.

Latasha Harlins

  • Los Angeles Sentinel (African American newspaper) for 1934-2005 is covered in ProQuest Historical Newspapers. See instructions in the database for limiting your search to a specific paper.

Criminalization and incarceration of black women and girls

Coverage in current African American newspapers

Coverage in other non-mainstream newspapers:


Statistics on incarceration rates:

Scholarly writing on the topic:

Women and LGBTQ persons in popular media

Lack of representation in the media, and the Bechdel and Russo tests.

Scholarly writing about media representation:

Alternative papers

Mainstream media, to find examples of the stereotyped representations


Rape culture on college campuses

How ideologies of hyper-masculinity within competitive athletic spaces impact their response to sexual assault accusations; also recent sexual assault cases as MSU, Baylor University and Penn State.

Scholarly writing on gender theory/issues and on the sports world:

Non-mainstream newspapers


Mainstream media, to find examples of the expression of hyper-masculinity, and coverage of recent cases

MSU Special Collections (if you are in East Lansing this summer)

Role of women in Islam

Comparison of women's roles in Muslim communities in Pakistan versus those held by Muslim women in America.

Statistics might help you quantify the comparison of social roles between Muslim women in Pakistan and Muslim women in America:

Scholarly books and articles should provide qualitative data (such as interviews):

Interviews might also be found in newspapers with Muslim readership:


Cornell University research guide on women and Islam. This guide mixes links to free resources with links to resources that the Cornell University library subscribes to for their campus. MSU most likely subscribes to the same material but you have to access it through the MSU library website. The Cornell library website will not recognize your MSU username/password.

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