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WS201 Online, Summer 2017: Newspapers

Current newspapers

Newspapers will be important for most of your topics. 

InfoTrac Newsstand indexes about 1000 newspapers.

If you want to search only the articles from a specific newspaper, find it in this list. Whichever database covers that paper will have instructions for how to limit your results to one specific publication. 

Note that many newspapers have an "embargo" which means they will not allow aggregated subscription access to start immediately. (This is so they don't lose subscribers of the daily paper.) The embargo for an individual paper can be anywhere between 30 days and 6 months.

Therefore, for the most recent coverage of current cases like the Larry Nasser sexual assault case at MSU, you'll need to go to the public website for the newspaper you want and use their online archives. You may have to create a free account at the paper.

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