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Building a Website with Wordpress: Menus

This guide walks you through how to build a website using WordPress. It covers web hosting, installing WordPress, installing themes and plugins, and using the in-browser editor to adjust the theme (header image, colors, fonts, etc.).

Creating a Menu

To create a menu:

  1. Click on "Appearance" in the side menu
  2. Once the menu expands, click on "Menus"
  3. You have to create a menu, so give it a name like "Main Menu" so you know it's the primary way you'll help people navigate your site
  4. Click "Create Menu" once you've typed in a name
  5. Some options should appear, including "Menu Settings": you'll want to click the "Top Menu" box in the "Display Location" section
  6. Click "Save Menu"

To add pages to your menu:

  1. You can add pages to your menu once you've created and published them; until you do that, the menu links won't have anything to link to, so you won't be able to add them. They don't have to be finished, though!
  2. Look toward the left of your screen; you should see a box that says "Pages" at the top and has a list of the pages you've created
  3. Check the boxes for each page you'd like to add to your menu and click "Add to Menu"
  4. You can also add links to other sites in your menu, if you'd like (look under the "Pages" section and you'll see all the other things you could add to your menu)
  5. Once you've added things to your menu, if you want to rearrange them, you just click and drag them into position. If you want to have nesting menu items, you can drag them left or right to get them to nest properly.

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