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Healing Waters of Bath, United Kingdom Exhibit Bibliography: Introductory Exhibit Label

This guide contains the label information for our exhibit at the M.S.U. Libraries in August, 2017, titled Healing Waters of Bath, United Kingdom. We were asked to do exhibits about water in celebration of M.S.U.'s Year of Water.

Introductory Exhibit Label

One of the City of Bath’s main attractions has been its famous spa water, which comes from hot springs in the area, the U.K.’s warmest geothermal springs. There is archaeological evidence of human activity in the Bath region in prehistoric times.  There is a local legend about the discovery of hot springs here by the native peoples. Look at the label for the book by Pierce Egan in our display.  The Romans built a baths complex here ca. 60 A.D. during the time parts of the British Isles were part of their far-flung empire.  They called the town Aquae Sulis.  From the 17th century, people claimed the water had curative properties and Bath became a popular spa town, a place to live and vacation, to see and to be seen.  In earlier eras, people believed bathing in and drinking such water contributed to good health. 

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