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BMB 101--Finding Information through the MSU Library: Finding Journal Articles through the Library

Use literature databases to find journal articles on topics

Use the MSU Libraries' Electronic Resources page to access scientific article databases.

Journal articles are good for finding out the latest research in areas.  They will be highly specific, detailed, and report original experiments.

Find many of these under "commonly used resources":

Web of Science

This scientific article database covers all areas of science.  Use this one if your topic applies to plants or is not biomedical, since those topics will be less well covered in PubMed.   

For full text, use the drop down menu--Find Full Text Options and click on the Icon for Michigan State University button. 


Use this database to search for scientific articles if your topic is biomedical. 

To find the full text or articles, look for Icon for National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences  indicating electronic version is available through MSU.  If this doesn't work, then try the Find Text @MSU link next to it.


Use this database if your search is more chemical than biomedical in nature. SciFinder requires registration and is more advanced to use, however, you may find it useful later in your biochemistry career. 


Use the MSU Libraries electronic journal list to look up journals by title

Use the electronic journals search box to find the title of a journal you are looking for:

Example--search for:  Journal of Biological Chemistry

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