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HST 201: Islam in Modern Europe (Van Wyck): Online Catalog

Online Catalog

Our online catalog can be searched by personal author, corporate body/organization author, title of a particular book, title of periodical/journal, keyword(s) that might be found in a title, subject heading, or call number.   Searches can  be modified reliably by library location within the MSU Library system or date of publication. 

Authors may be individuals, organizations, or corporate entities.  For personal authors enter surname, first name. 

Titles may be titles of particular books or particular journals/periodicals.  Do not start a title search with the words “A”, “An”, or “The.”  Do include these words as they occur later on in a title. 

Keywords are words that one hopes to find in titles.  In keyword searching the computer matches the word or words requested; it has no brain and cannot think.  It has no capacity to understand the meaning of the word(s) as you intend it/them in your search.  Recently coined terms and topics may be best searched by keyword because it takes some time for new subject headings to be established by catalogers.   

Call numbers can be searched if you have a general or specific call number.  In this way one can browse the shelves of the Main Library from the comfort of home. 

Subject headings are standardized words and phrases assigned by catalogers when cataloging library materials.  They are published in the Library of Congress' List of Subject Headings, a large set of red books, located in the Reference collection, call number Z 695....  Remember, persons (last name first), organizations, companies, places, and events may all be L.C. subjects even though their names are not in the L.C. List...  Subject heading searching usually results in better quality subject retrieval than keyword searching. 

Use Advanced Search by Subject. Try typing in some of the suggested headings listed below.

In this list for [country name] use Europe.  France.  England.  Great Britain.  Germany (West). Germany (East). Germany. Etc.  Caution:  we do have books with all these subject headings, but maybe not specifically on all these countries.   This list of headings might help you get ideas for a paper topic.


Apartheid—[country name]

Arabs—[country name]

Assimilation (sociology)—[country name]


Blasphemy (Islam)

Blue collar workers—[country name]

Charlie Hebdo

Children of immigrants—[country name]

Christianity and other religions—Islam

Christian women—religious life

Clothing and dress—political aspects—[country name]

Clothing and dress—religious aspects—Islam

Conflict management—[country name]

[country name]—emigration and immigration

[country name]—ethnic relations

[country name]—politics and government—caricatures and cartoons

[country name]—politics and government—[century]

[country name]—race relations

[country name]—relations—[country name]

[country name]—social conditions


Cultural pluralism—[country name]--history

Ethnic conflict—[country name]

Ethnicity—political aspects—[country name]

Europe—politics and government—[century]

European cooperation

Foreign workers--[country name]

Foreign workers--[nationality]

Freedom of expression—religious aspects--Islam

Gangs—[country name]

Hijab (Islamic clothing)—[country name]

Immigrants—[country name]

Immigrants—[country name]—social conditions

Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988

Iraq-Kuwait Crisis, 1990-1991

Iraq War, 2003-

Islam—[country name]


Islam and politics—[country name]

Islam and secularism—[country name]

Islam and state—[country name]

Islamic courts—[country]

Islamic fundamentalism—[country name]

Islamic fundamentalism—history

Islamic law—non-Islamic countries

Islamic renewal—[country name]




Juvenile delinquency—[country name]

Marginality, social—[country name]

Multiculturalism—[country name]—history

Muslim women—clothing—[country name]

Muslim women—religious life

Muslims—[country name]

Muslims—[country name]—social conditions

Muslims—[country name]—social life and customs

Muslims—cultural assimilation—[country name]

Muslims—legal status, laws, etc.—[country name]

Muslims—political activity—[country name]

National socialism and Islam

Neo Nazism

Peace—religious aspects.

Peace building—[country name]

Peace building—[name of religious faith]

Persian Gulf War, 1991

Pieds noirs—[France]

Political comic books, strips, etc.—history and criticism

Political culture—[country name]

Political violence—[country name]

Politics and culture—[country name]—history—[century]

Postcolonialism—[country name]

Racism—[country name]--history

Radicalism—religious aspects--Islam

Religious life--Islam

Right-wing extremists—[country name]


Social change—[country name]—history—[century]

Social conflict—[country name]

Sociology, urban—[country name]

Subculture—[country name]

Suburbs—[country name]

Terrorism—[country name]

Terrorism—religious aspects—[country name]

Terrorism—social aspects—[country name]

Urbanization—[country name]


Veils—social aspects—[country name]

Violence—religious aspects—Islam

War on terrorism, 2001-2009

Working class—[country name]

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