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Treaty Research: Sources and Tips: U.S. and Canadian Treaties

This guide provides sources for full text of treaties as well as tips for finding further information about treaties.

Treaty Texts

Treaties via Thomas

Contains full-text (pdf) of treaties submitted to the Senate back to 1995; covers treaty status information back to the 90th congress (with some scattered treaties back to the 81st)

Treaties and Agreements Library (Hein)

Official and unofficial treaty publications. Includes historical and current full text of U.S. treaties. Includes Treaties, Conventions, International Acts, Protocols and Agreements (Malloy) (1776-1937) and Treaties and Other International Acts of the United States of America (Miller) (1776-1863)

United States Bilateral Treaties

Full texts of selected U.S. Treaties, 1778-1988, from the Yale University Avalon Project.

United States Multilateral Treaties and Agreements. 

Full text of treaties from 1826-1975 from the Avalon Project.

Treaties between the United States and Native Americans

Full text of treaties, 1778-1868 from the Avalon Project.

Canado-American Treaties

Canado-American Treaties offers access to the full text of all treaties established between the United States of America and Canada from 1783-1997. Both browsing by subject and searching (free-text and fielded) are available.

Indian Affairs, Law and Treaties
Kappler's Indian Affairs, Law and Treaties (Gov. Docs. Y4.In2/2: L44; Reference E95 .U63 1972; Volume 2 of the original 7 volume set contains U.S. treaties made between 1778 and 1883. However, as Agreements continued to be signed with Native American peoples until 1909, Kappler is not comprehensive.

Early American Indian Documents: Treaties and Laws 1607-1789
Business Library KF8202.2 1979 Covers the laws relating to Native Americans passed by colonial, state, and national governments before 1789, and all significant diplomatic documents (i.e., treaties, conferences, and official correspondence) of the same period.

Historic Treaty Information Site
Canadian site that contains historical research reports, images, maps, bibliographies and other resources pertaining to the more than 70 Canadian treaties negotiated between 1701 and 1923.

Treaties and Other International Acts Series (TIAS)
(1945 - present; Gov. Docs. S9.10) is a series of pamphlets containing the texts of international agreements to which the U.S. is a party. TIAS has been issued since 1945. Prior to 1945, treaties were issued in the Treaty Series; executive agreements were issued in the Executive Agreement Series (1929-1945).
Treaties are published here before being published in UST.There is currently a significant timelag between proclamation of a treaty or agreement and its publication in TIAS.

United States Treaties and Other International Agreements (UST)
(1950 - present; Gov. Docs. S9.12) is a chronological compilation of the treaties published in TIAS. Most volumes are issued in discrete parts, each of which has its own index.

Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States, 1776-1949
(Gov. Docs. S9.12/2). Also known as "Bevans," this set republishes pre-UST treaties and executive agreements. Vol 13 is a country/subject index.

Canadian Treaty Series (CTS).
(Gov. Docs. Canada E3-year/#).

Tracking Recent Treaties

Legislation and Records Treaties page

This U.S. Senate page includes a list of treaties received from the President, a list of treaties on the Executive Calender (i.e., reported out of the Foreign Relations Committee), list of treaties approved, and other treaty actions.

U.S. State Department: Treaty Actions

U.S. State Department: Treaties in Force

American Foreign Policy and Treaty Index

(Gov. Docs. Ref JX1417 .C66) includes "foreign treaties, conventions and executive agreements texts and analyses, including compilations of texts of treaties in force, texts of treaties as submitted to Congress for ratification and texts as ratified, unpublished executive agreements not requiring ratification, and articles and reports analyzing execution and effects."

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