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Treaty Research: Sources and Tips: Other Resources for Treaty Research

This guide provides sources for full text of treaties as well as tips for finding further information about treaties.

Other Resources

Treaties and Alliances of the World (Reference JX4007 .T7 1995) does not include the full texts of treaties nor does it include citations to assist one in locating the full text. It does, however, provide useful background information on selected treaties and alliances. Latest edition (2007) available at the MSU Law Library.

Index to Multilateral Treaties: A Chronological List of Multiparty International Agreements from the 16th Century through 1963, with Citations to Their Texts (Reference JX171 .H35) Produced by the Harvard Law School Library, this volume provides subject and country access to over 3800 treaties concluded between 1596 and 1963. Citations to the full text are provided.

World Treaty Index (Reference JX171 .R63) indexes bilateral and multilateral agreements. Citations to the full text, as well as general descriptive information, are provided. Three sets of source documentation are indexed: League of Nations Treaty Series, United Nations Treaty Series, and "national treaty collections and listings for 25 countries." Access is provided by date, party, intergovernmental organization (if relevant), and topic. Coverage is 1920-1980.

United States Treaty Index: 1776-1990 Consolidation
MSU Law Library JX231 .U58
Indexes the more than 16,000 treaties and agreements entered into by the United States since 1776. Numerical, chronological, country, subject, and geographical (subject) indexes are provided. All official treaty series are included.

Unperfected Treaties of the United States, 1776-1976
A 9 volume annotated collection of treaties which the US signed but which never went into force. Neither MSU nor MSU Law own this title; it is available at Cooley Law School Library and the University of Michigan Hatcher Library.

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