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Book Reviews: General Sources

General Book Review Sources

Book Review Digest Plus
Retrospective coverage back to 1983
Wilson Online.
An essential library tool that brings together book reviews on a wide range of topics and from a variety of sources. Unlike reviews on book-sale sites and the open Internet, which are often either thinly disguised marketing materials or the opinions of readers and customers, many of the reviews are serious, academic works. Currently provides every review appearing in any Wilson journal, including over two million reviews in all, including citations, generous excerpts from book reviews, over 225,000 full-text reviews, and over 118,000 new reviews added each year. Provides strong coverage of many subject areas, including both fiction and non-fiction, the humanities and social sciences, foreign language reviews, and narrow and specialized subjects. Includes both positive and negative evaluations. Includes links to previous reviews and daily updates. Includes book reviews from the following Wilson databases: Applied Science & Technology Full Text, Art Full Text, Biological & Agricultural Index Plus, Education Full Text, General Science Full Text, Humanities Full Text, Index to Legal Periodicals & Books, Library Literature & Information Science Full Text, Readers' Guide Full Text, Social Sciences Full Text, and Wilson Business Full Text.
Searching tips: Type the title of the book and choose the title default; type in the author's name and choose the author default; or try a keyword search. Note that you can select book review under document type.

Book Review Digest  (Print)
Covers 1905 to date
Contains citations to and excerpts of reviews of current fiction and non-fiction appearing in a list of 95 pre-selected journals. Also provides the list of 95 journals from which the book reviews come.
Searching tips: Arranged by author with subject index and cumulated title and subject indexes.

Book Review Index Online
1965 to date
Book Review Index Online indexes reviews from more than 5,800 periodicals from 1965 to the present. There are links to some full-text reviews.

Bowker's Global Books in Print
In addition to listing books currently available for purchase, Bowker's Global Books in Print has begun adding book reviews to most of the new entries.

New York Review of Books.
Coverage: 1963- present
Book reviews, books news, essays, and book announcements.

Reference & Research Book News
2000 to date
Focuses on reference and scholarly works in the social sciences and the humanities. Each quarterly issue carries over 3,000 titles (from several hundred publishers), arranged by subject (according to the Library of Congress classification scheme).

Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Scholarly Journals  (Print)
Indexes 459 journals in history, political science, and sociology.
Searching tips: Arranged alphabetically by author's last name with a separate title index (vols. 13-15).

Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Humanities Journals  (Print)
Indexes more than 150 journals.
Searching tips: Arranged alphabetically by author's last name with a separate title index (volume X).

Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive
Also called TLS Historical Archive
The Times Literary Supplement is the weekly book review section of the Times (London) newspaper. In function it is similar to, but more extensive than, the New York Times Book Review. It is a major source for scholarly book reviews in humanities, social sciences, and the arts. Coverage is from 1902 - 2008.  The reviews in TLS are indexed in Book Review Index Online.  (Note: The Times Literary Supplement for later years is also available in print format in the oversize collection in the basement of the Main Library under the call number AP4. T45.)

Additional Book Review Sources

Covers 1990 to date
Searching tips: (1) Choose Advanced Search. (2) Enter the title of the book and change the default to Title. (3) In a separate box, enter book review and leave default as Keyword. title.

Expanded Academic ASAP
Covers 1980 to date
From arts and the humanities to social sciences, science and technology, this database meets research needs across all academic disciplines. Includes access to scholarly journals, news magazines, and newspapers - many with full text and images!
Searching tips: (1) Select Advanced Search. (2) Enter the title of the book. (3) Enter the author of the book. (4) Add key word (ke) book review.

LexisNexis Academic
Coverage varies depending upon source
LN Academic Universe picks up newspapers and magazines/journals from around the world.
Searching tips: (1) In the Search the News box, type the book title in the box. (2) Choose Newspapers or Magazines depending on what you want to search first. (3) If you click on Source List, you can review what newspapers or journals are covered and when coverage starts.

New York Times (most recent 365 days)
Provides full text of book reviews published in the last 365 days.
Searching tips: (1) Choose Advanced Search. (2) Choose keyword search (ke) and type book review (3) Choose title search (ti) and type keyword from book title (Example:) ke book review AND ti war

New York Times (1851-2007)
Proquest Historical Newspaper
Provides full text of book reviews.
Searching tips: review is an option with advanced search.

Periodicals Archive Online
Covers 1770 to 1995
PAO is the new name for Periodicals Content Index Full Text, an archive of hundreds of digitized journals published in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.
Searching tips: (1) Choose Search. (2) Enter the title of the book in title keyword field. (3) In the scope section, limit to book reviews only.

ProQuest Research Library
Covers 1970 on; however the majority of records begin in the 1990s
Includes full text of some book reviews.
Searching tips: (1) Select all databases or the module relevant for the subject of the book. (2) Choose Guided Search. Enter the title of the book and change the default to article title. (3) Choose book review for Article Type and periodicals for Publication Type. (4) If necessary, choose the backfile or deep backfile.

Readers' Guide Full Text with Readers' Guide Retrospective
Covers 1890 to date
Searching tips: (1) Enter the title of the book and change the default to Title or Title phrase. (2) If known, enter the author's last name and change the default to Author. (3) In the document type section, choose Book Review.

Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature (Print)
Covers 1976 to date
Searching tips: Look for the Book Reviews section at the end of each volume starting in 1976. Arranged alphabetically by the author of the book being reviewed.

Wilson OmniFile Full Text Select 
Covers 1994 to date
Book reviews are provided as full text articles when available.
Searching tips:  (1) Enter the title of the book and change the default to Title. (2) In the limit section, choose Book Review under Record Type.

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