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History Subject Searching in the Catalog: Foreign/International Relations

A - H

Agriculture--International cooperation


Arbitration and award, International

Arbitration, International

Area specialists

Balance of power

Banks and banking, International

Banks and banking, International

Border crossing

Catholic Church--Foreign relations

Christianity and international affairs

Common heritage of mankind (International law)

Communication in international relations

Communication, International

Communism and international relations

Comparative advantage (International trade)

Competition, International

Conditionality (International relations)

Confidence and security building measures (International relations)

Conflict of laws

Copyright, International

Criminal procedure (International law)

Cultural relations

Customs unions

Debts, External



Diplomatic documents

Diplomatic gifts

Economic assistance

Emigration and immigration

Employment in foreign countries

Environmental law, International

Export marketing

Financial institutions, International

Fishery management, International

Foreign exchange

Foreign news

Foreign trade regulation 


Government missions

Governments in exile

Humanitarian assistance


Illegal arms transfers

Inter-American conferences

Intercountry marriage

International administrative courts

International agencies

International and municipal law

International broadcasting

International business enterprises

International cooperation

International cooperation

International courts

International criminal courts

International division of labor

International economic integration

International economic relations

International economic relations

International education

International finance

International labor activities

International lakes

International law

International law – Philosophy

International liquidity

International obligations

International offenses

International organization

International police

International relations

International relations and culture 

International relations in literature

International relations specialists 

International relief 

International trade

International trade agencies

International travel

International travel regulations

International trusteeships


Internationalism in literature 



Investments, Foreign

J - Z


Jurisdiction (International law)

Kellogg-Briand Pact (1928)

Labor laws and legislation, International

Labor unions and international relations

Loans, Foreign


Mass media and international relations

Mediation, International

Middle powers

Military missions

National interest

National security




Non-governmental organizations

Non-state actors (International relations)

Notification (International relations)

Nuclear nonproliferation

Orders in council

Pacific settlement of international disputes

Pan-Pacific relations


Peaceful change (International relations)

Peacekeeping forces


Propaganda, International

Protection of interests (International relations)

Public health laws, International

Religion and international affairs

Renunciation of war

Science and international affairs

Science--International cooperation

Security, International

States, Small

Summit meetings

Technology and international affairs

Telecommunication--International cooperation


Ultimatums (International relations)


Warlordism and international relations

World health

World politics

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