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Newspaper Guide: Michigan Newspaper Collections

Newspapers in the MSU Libraries

Electronic Resources : Newspapers provides links to both individual newspapers alphabetically as well as links to some of the more popular collections available to the MSU community and to visitors to the MSU Main Library.

Journalism on the Frontier

Journalism on the Frontier

Michigan’s first newspaper appeared two hundred years ago this week. The first – and possibly only – issue of the Michigan Essay; or, the Impartial Observer was printed on Aug. 31, 1809.

Current Michigan Newspaper Databases

Access World News, Research Collection (NewsBank)  This comprehensive news collection (1903 to date)  is ideal for exploring issues and events at the local, regional, national and international level. Its diverse source types include print and online-only newspapers, blogs, newswires, journals, broadcast transcripts and videos. Use it to explore a specific event or to compare a wide variety of viewpoints on topics such as politics, business, health, sports, cultural activities and people. Content is easily searched and sorted through an intuitive, map-based interface.  Click on the Michigan Sources tab for a list of 165 options.

Battle Creek Enquirer : Proquest Newsstand provides access back to May 1, 2002.

Crain's Detroit Business via Lexis Nexis Academic.  Searching tip: In the Search News box, slowly type Crain's until Crain's Detroit Business appears as a choice.  Then click on Crain's Detroit Business and add your favorite search terms.  Note: Crain's Detroit Business appears to be the only Detroit newspaper left in Lexis Nexis Academic.

Detroit examiner (Detroit, Mich.) : August 2008 to date via Access World News Research Collection

Detroit Free Press : Proquest Digital Microfilm makes available a digital version of the Detroit Free Press from 2008 on, but it is not searchable.

Detroit Free Press : Proquest Newsstand provides searchable access to the Detroit Free Press from January 1, 1999 to date.

Detroit News (1999 to date) via Access World News, Research Collection (NewsBank). Click on Michigan Sources.

Detroit News via Factiva.  Not the easiest interface, but if you click on search, search builder, choose Detroit News from All Publications list and remove all other publications, you can search the Detroit News from January 2002 on.

Detroit News via PressDisplay.   Provides ability to browse page by page the last 90 days.

Flint Journal (March 1995 to date) via Access World News, Research Collection (NewsBank). Click on Michigan Sources.

Grant Rapids Press (2000 to date) via Access World News, Research Collection (NewsBank). Click on Michigan Sources.

Lansing State Journal via Proquest Gannett Newsstand provides coverage goes back to January 1, 1999.  This publication's detailed indexing helps users quickly find the news information they need. Each issue is indexed thoroughly, so they have access to not only top news stories but also the information contained on the various sections of the paper. The indexing covers not only complete bibliographic information but also companies, people, products, etc. Current issue embargoed. 

Lansing State Journal via Proquest Digital Microfilm : From January 1, 2010 forward.  Not searchable.

Livingston County Daily Press and Argus : Proquest Newsstand provides coverage goes back to January 4, 2007.

Muskegon Chronicle (1997 to date) via Access World News, Research Collection (NewsBank). Click on Michigan Sources.

Port Huron Times-Herald : Proquest Newsstand provides coverage back to November 29, 2002.

Michigan Report : The Gongwer News Service provides daily updates on news related to Michigan government and politics. Note: only accessible within the MSU Main Library.

MIRS News (Also known as Michigan Information & Research Service News) : Provides daily coverage of Michigan government and politics.  Note : Access provided to the MSU community.

Michigan Historical Newspapers

Ann Arbor Argus 

Ann Arbor Argus (1888-1898).  The Ann Arbor Argus grew out of the Michigan Argus, renamed by new owner John N. Bailey beginning with the October 17, 1879 issue. The democratic paper frequently switched between weekly and semi-weekly publication throughout its history. The Ann Arbor Argus name ended (for a time) when it merged with Ann Arbor Democrat and Ypsilanti Weekly Times into one newspaper, the Ann Arbor Argus-Democrat.  Old News has digitized issues and articles of the Ann Arbor Argus from 1888-1898,

Ann Arbor Argus-Democrat (1898-1899).  The Ann Arbor Argus-Democrat was formed in October 1898 when the Ann Arbor Argus, Ann Arbor Democrat, and Ypsilanti Weekly Times merged into one newspaper. It was published under this name until January 1906, when it was renamed the Ann Arbor Weekly Argus, having become largely a weekly reprinting of articles published in the Ann Arbor Daily Argus. The Ann Arbor Argus-Democrat was the leading weekly Democratic paper published in Ann Arbor during this time.  Old News has digitized issues and articles of the Ann Arbor Argus-Democrat from 1898-1899.

Ann Arbor Courier (1880-1888).  The Ann Arbor Courier was a weekly newspaper published in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Ann Arbor Courier began in 1876 after changing it's name from the Peninsular Courier and Family Visitant and continued to be published until it purchased rival newspaper the Ann Arbor Register and became the Courier-Register in 1899. The Ann Arbor Courier was owned and edited for its entire run by members of the Beal family, first Rice Beal and then his son Junius Beal. Old News has digitized issues and articles of the Ann Arbor Courier from 1880-1888.

Ann Arbor News.  The Ann Arbor News known to us until recently began under that name in 1927. It grew out of a long line of newspapers with frequent name changes including the Ann Arbor Times, Daily Times News, even Ann Arbor News for short time. This time the name stuck and the paper was Ann Arbor's major daily until ceasing publication in July 2009. Along with articles from the Ann Arbor News, Old News also features photos from the photographic negatives file, including never-before published images.  Additional indexes available.

Ann Arbor Sun (1967-1976).  The Sun was the newspaper for a succession of communities around the paper's founder and first editor, John Sinclair. Begun in 1967 in Detroit as the Warren-Forrest Sun, the name was changed to the Ann Arbor Sun when the Trans-Love Energies commune moved to Ann Arbor in 1968 and set up shop at 1510 and 1520 Hill St. The newspaper was the mouthpiece for the White Panther Party and the succeeding Rainbow People's Party before being an independent publication devoted to local issues, left-wing politics, music, and arts. To learn more about the Sun, the White Panther/Rainbow People's Party, and John Sinclair, go to Freeing John Sinclair. Old News has digitized issues and articles of the Sun from 1967-1976.

Cass City Chronicle and Cass City Enterprise (1881-2009).  Cass City Enterprise coverage begins 1881 and ends 1906; Cass City Chronicle coverage begins 1906. Digitized by the Rawsom Memorial Library of Cass City, Michigan.

Detroit Free Press (1831-1922) via Proquest Historical Newspapers.

Detroit Gazette (1817-1830)

Detroit News (1999-date) via Newsbank's World News Access.  Note: coverage range is complete although the company promises to fill in missing years over time.

Detroit News (1873-1985) via Newsbank's World News Access.  Note: coverage range is complete although the company promises to fill in missing years over time. 

Detroit News (1873-1985) via Readex's America's Historical Newspapers.

Gobles Newspaper (1925-1932).  Digitized by the Van Buren District Library.

Grand Rapids Press (01/03/1893-12/30/1922) via Michigan's Historical Newspapers (Readex)

Grosse Pointe Public Library Local History Archives newspaper collection (1920-1952).  Includes the Grosse Pointe Civic News (1920-1935), the Grosse Pointe News (1940- ), and the Grosse Pointe Review (1930-1952).

Jackson Citizen Patriot (03/27/1865-12/31/1922) via Michigan's Historical Newspapers (Readex)

Kalamazoo Gazette (1837-1922) via Michigan's Historical Newspapers (Readex)

Lake Orion Review (1868-1957).

Lake Superior Miner (10/06/1855-09/10/1870) via Michigan's Historical Newspapers (Readex)

Lansing State Republican (1859).  In honor of Lansing, Michigan’s sesquicentennial, the Lansing State Journal has made digital copies of all of the 1859 issues of Lansing State Republican, one of the city’s two newspapers at the time (the one that espoused the Republican anti-slavery cause) which was a precursor to the LSJ. Thanks to the Capital Area District Library for use of its more readable microfilm and to Graphic Sciences Inc. in Royal Oak for digitization services.   Note: Available on microfilm at the Library of Michigan.

Manchester Enterprise (1867-1892).  Digitized by the Manchester District Library.

Michigan Daily (1947-2009).  Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Michigan State Journal (1841-1847).  Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Michigan Tribune (1871-1882).  Battle Creek, Michigan.

Middleville Sun (1896-1897). Digitized by the Thornapple Kellogg School and Community Library.

Northern Islander (12/12/1850-06/20/1856) via Michigan's Historical Newspapers (Readex)

Owosso Argus-Press (1915-1973) via Google News.

Owosso Press and Owosso Weekly Press (1862-1869).  Digitized by the Shiawassee District Library.

The Progress Advance and Newsweekly (1980, 1983-1995).  Digitized by the Pigeon District Library.

Saugatuck Commercial Record (1868-1959)

Signal of Liberty (April 1841-February 1848) : Theodore Foster and Rev. Guy Beckley of Ann Arbor, Michigan, launched the Signal of Liberty in April 1841 and managed to go to press nearly every week. Foster and Beckley were strong abolitionists who wrote in the Signal of Liberty of helping people escaping from slavery. The editors interviewed self-emancipated men and women, hoping to arouse sympathy for abolitionism. The events and movements described in the Signal of Liberty help us understand the issues that led people to resist slavery, change their churches and political parties, and fight for freedom.  Digitized by the Ann Arbor District Library.

Walled Lake Gazette (scatter issues from 1991 and 1993).  Digitized by the Walled Lake City Library.

Michigan Newspaper Web Links

Michigan Newspaper Web Links compiled by Jon Harrison, MSU Libraries.

Current Michigan Newspapers via Google Maps.  Be sure to type in Michigan and then choose all to restrict to Michigan.

Capital News Service.

Capital News Service Archives.  During the fall and spring semesters, MSU School of Journalism students write articles on Michigan topics that are picked up by various Michigan newspapers.  This web site pulls them all together in one place.

Stateline News Feeds.  A compilation of breaking news stories from various newspapers compiled by the Council of State Governments.

Michigan Campus Newspapers

Michigan Newspapers on Microfilm

Shelved by title in the Newspapers Microfilm section of 2 West.

Detroit Free Press. 1858 to present Shelved by title.

Detroit News1978-present.  Shelved by title.

Lansing State Journal1980-present.  Shelved by title.  Note: Capital Area District Library has microfilm run back to 1879...

State News (MSU Campus Newspaper).  1909-1925, 1925-1962, 1962-present.  Shelved by title.

Additional titles are available for use at the Library of Michigan or via interlibrary loan.

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