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Nursing Theory Resources: Websites

This guide describes how and where to find nursing theory and theorist information in books, articles, and websites. This guide should be especially useful for the NUR 340 Theory Paper.

Nursing Theory Websites

Below are links to webpages or websites hosted outside of the MSU Libraries. These free resources are a great way to find general nursing theory information but may not count as a scholarly source for your reference list.

Who is your Favorite Nursing Theorist?

Who is your Favorite Nursing Theorist?
Florence Nightingale: 33 votes (27.05%)
Dorothea Orem: 22 votes (18.03%)
Callista Roy: 10 votes (8.2%)
Imogene King: 10 votes (8.2%)
Rosemarie Parse: 4 votes (3.28%)
Betty Neuman: 17 votes (13.93%)
Other: 26 votes (21.31%)
Total Votes: 122
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