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Electronic Medical Books: Ebook Troubleshooting

Medical ebooks including 1.) A VERY select list of titles arranged alphabetically by specialty or subject; 2.) Collections: Arranged by vendor packages; 3.) The required and recommended texts for years 1-4 that the library has purchased,

Finding Ebooks

Sometimes the links to ebooks break. If that happens do not panic!
 There are several ways you can try and find the book even if the link on this guide does not work.

1. Search the book in the library catalog using the search box below. Punctuation can be tricky so if your book title includes punctuation like "Nelson's Textbook of Pediatrics" nd you cannot find it in the catalog try searching for it without the apostrophe.

Advanced Catalog Search

2. Couldn't find the book in the library catalog? Try searching the text on the publishers platform/collection.

a. Look at the ebook's link, pay special attention to the opening domain of the URL. This will give you a clue about which publisher collection to search for it in. For example, the link to Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease is:

b. The domain after the MSU information is That means that book is on ClinicalKey. Simply go to the tab in this guide for Ebooks in Collections and find the link for ClinicalKey. Once there (or in any of the platforms) there will be a button that says texts, text books, readings, or a search function you can use to search the book's title and find it that way.

3. Still unable to find the textbook?

a. If during business hours try emailing your liaison librarian.

b. For immediate help contact Distance Learning Services 24/7 365 days a year at:

1 (800) 500-1554*
1 (517) 355-2345

4. Regardless of who you contact, please always notify your liaison librarian of broken links - this will help us make sure they are fixed as soon as possible.

Printing Book Chapters

Saving PDFs & Printing from ClinicalKey:

1. Not all chapters in ClinicalKey can be downloaded. If you see a grey PDF icon and, when hovered over, it says "PDF not available through ClinicalKey."

To print this chapter you need to use the FireFox internet browser (others may have formatting issues) and click on the printer icon and "Print to PDF."

2. If the PDF is downloadable you will see the icon is red:

To download a PDF, You must sign up for a free personal account with ClinicalKey first. Click the database link above and select the "register" button on the top ribbon of the website to signup with your email account


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