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American Labor/Working Class History: Archive and Manuscript Collections

Archive and Manuscript Collections

George Meany Memorial Archives
"The George Meany Memorial Archives holds the records of the AFL-CIO, including administrative and staff departments, constitutional trade departments, and some federation-sponsored programs. Dating from the earliest days of the American Federation of Labor (1881), but offering almost complete records from the founding of the AFL-CIO (1955), the collections provide rich resources for historians, political scientists, trade union activists, and undergraduate and graduate students who want to examine a wide range of twentieth-century American political and social issues."

Labadie Collection (University of Michigan Archives)
"The Labadie Collection was established in 1911 when Joseph Labadie, a prominent Detroit anarchist, donated his library to the University of Michigan. Although the Collection was originally concerned mainly with anarchist materials (the field in which it remains strongest), its scope was later widened considerably to include a great variety of social protest literature together with political views from both the extreme left and the extreme right. Materials are now collected from all parts of the world. In addition to anarchism, the Collection's strengths include: civil liberties (with an emphases on racial minorities), socialism, communism, colonialism and imperialism, American labor history through the 1930s, the IWW, the Spanish Civil War, sexual freedom, women's liberation, gay liberation, the underground press, and student protest." (accessed Aug. 15, 2007)

Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives at New York University

Wisconsin Historical Society's Labor Collections
"Beginning in the 1890s the Wisconsin Historical Society became one of the first institutions in the country to actively collect historical materials related to labor and working class movements...Particular strengths of the holdings include working class political, radical and reform movements, the nineteenth century origins of Marxism in the United States, worker education, labor economics and history, and the trade union movement. In the Library the holdings of labor newspapers, periodicals, and pamphlets is unparalleled."

Walter P. Reuther Library (Wayne State University)
"...home to the Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs and the Wayne State University Archives. It collects, preserves and provides access to the heritage of the American labor movement and related reform movements of the twentieth century. The collection also includes urban affairs, with particular focus on the history of metropolitan Detroit." (accessed Aug. 15, 2007)

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