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American Studies: Guide to Materials in the M.S.U. Libraries: Online Catalog Searching

Subject Searches

Subject searches on the online catalog should use a heading listed in Library of Congress List of Subject Headings ( Some geographical headings that may be useful in research are:


Atlantic Coast (U.S.)

Atlantic Coast Del. [Fla.., Ga., etc.]

Atlantic Coast North America

Atlantic States

East (U.S.)

Great Basin

Great Lakes Region (North America)

Great Plains

Gulf Region Ala. [Fla., La., Miss., Tex.]

Gulf States

Indian Territory

Lake States

Middle Atlantic States

Middle West

New England

North America

Northeast boundary of the United States

Northeastern States

Northern boundary of the United States

Northwest boundary of the United States

Northwest Coast of North America

Northwest, Old

Northwest, Pacific

Northwestern States

Pacific States

Southern Atlantic States

Southern boundary of the United States

Southern States

Southwest, New

Southwest, Old

Southwestern States

Sunbelt States

West (U.S.)

Western Hemisphere


Keyword Searches:

Keyword searches can be useful to find items that have no precise Library of Congress subject heading. For example, LC does not use "American studies". It puts works in this field under "United States--Civilization". Keyword searches retrieve large numbers of records, sometimes in the thousands. For this reason, it is important to narrow your search by limiting the type of materials you want to find, or combining terms to search for a more specific topic. Seek help from Library staff when you need it.

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