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Classical Studies: Blogs


Selected blog sites of possible interest to classical studies enthusiasts.  Send me an e-mail if you want to suggest another one.

AD 410

2010 marks the 1600th anniversary of the end of Roman Britain in AD 410.  On March 13th, fires will be lighted all along Hadrian's Wall to celebrate the event. For more information visit the AD 410 web site.  Does it make you want to watch the Last Legion?  Or read one of the many books about Hadrian's Wall available in our library?

Selected Blogs Ancient/Classical History Blog : By A. J. Gill, University of Minnesota Graduate Student. 

Ancient World Bloggers Group : AWBG is a place for posts and discussion about blogging the Ancient World. Particularly welcome are entries announcing real world events where bloggers can meet, planning and notice of virtual blogfests - when a group of bloggers are posting about the same topic, and other issues related to how bloggers go about their business.

Ancient World Mapping Center.  University of North Carolina.

Ancient World Online (AWOL)  Courtesy of Charles Ellwood Jones, Librarian at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at NYU.

Bestiaria Latina Blog :  courtesy of Laura Gibbs, an online instructor at the University of Oklahoma

Bread and Circuses : Adventures in the later Roman Empire.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review Blog : Provides numerous book review postings during the course of the year.

Cerculio by Michael Hendry

Classics in Contemporary Culture

The Digital Classicist : The Digital Classicist is a decentralised and international community of scholars and students interested in the application of innovative digital methods and technologies to research on the ancient world. The Digital Classicist is not core funded, and nor is it owned by any institution. The main purpose of this site is to offer a web-based hub for discussion, collaboration and communication.

Joint Library of the Hellenic & Roman Societies / Institute of Classical Studies Library : The Library is maintained jointly with the Societies for the Promotion of Hellenic and Roman Studies and in association with the Institute of Classical Studies (University of London). It contains over 100,000 volumes, 18,250 bound volumes of periodicals and has an international reputation as one of the world’s foremost Classics libraries.

Latin Language Blog

Mediterranean Archaeology : Courtesy of Ioannis Georganas, an archaeologist working for the Foundation of the Hellenic World.

Rogueclassicism : 1. n. an abnormal state or condition resulting from the forced migration from a lengthy Classical education into a profoundly unClassical world; 2. n. a blog about Ancient Greece and Rome compiled by one so afflicted (v. "rogueclassicist"); 3. n. a Classics blog.

Roman Archaeology Blog : news reports featuring Roman period archaeology.

Roman Times : An online magazine about the Roman Empire and the civilizations that interacted with it or contributed to the development of its culture.
Also includes subsections :
(1) Roman Archaeology : Items of interest about excavations and history of the ancient Roman world
(2) Academic Presentations on The Roman Empire : A weblog of links to and abstracts from academic presentations on the Roman Empire
(3) Books and Novels of the Ancient World : News about upcoming books and novels set in the ancient world.
(4) Ancient Games : News about current and upcoming games and entertainment based on Roman or ancient themes.
(5) Roman Scholars : A listing of scholars studying ancient Rome and their research interests.

Stoa Consortium.  Serving news, projects, and links for digital classicists everywhere.

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