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Michigan State University

Social Group Statistics: Gender and Sexuality

Topics include: Elderly and Aging, Families and Children, Gender and Sexuality, Race and Ethnicity.



Census Bureau

Products on Gender (Sex)
Information on Census publications containing gender from the American Community Survey, Current Population Survey, Decennial Census, International briefs, Population Estimates and Projections, Statistical Briefs, Survey of Income and Program Participation, Survey of Program Dynamics, and the Women-Owned Business Survey.

Organization for Econonic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

Work on Gender by Area
Overview of available data and links to statistical reports.  

United Nations

Women Watch
Information and resources on gender equality and empowerment of women.

Directory of UN Resources on Gender and Women's Issues: Statistics and Indicators
Reports, databases and archives relating to gender equality and women's rights.

World Bank

"GenderStats is an electronic database of gender statistics and indicators designed with user-friendly, menu-driven features. It offers statistical and other data in modules on several subjects. The data in each module is presented in ready-to-use format. Users have the option of saving the country views in Excel (or another spreadsheet software) to customize them for their own reports."


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

National Survey of Family Growth
This CDC survey gathers information on family life, marriage and divorce, pregnancy, infertility, use of contraception, and men's and women's health.  Includes relevant reports and a key statistics section for quick facts and tables about sexual health, orientation, and related topics. provides lists of data sources that have collected sexual orientation data. It includes the National Health and Social Life Survey and the Kaiser Survey of Sexual Orientation.

Kaiser Family Foundation
A non-profit, private foundation focusing on U.S. health care issues.

National Survey of Adolescents and Young Adults: Sexual Health Knowledge, Attitudes, and Experiences
This survey was published in 2003.  Report and summary of findings are available.

New Surveys on Experiences of Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals and the Public's Views Related to Sexual Orientation

Kinsey Institute
Research in sex, gender, and reproduction.

FAQs - Facts and Statistics
A collection of statistical facts with citations and links to reports.

Research Program
Information about current research and Kinsey Institute data and codebooks.

Data Archives and Dataset Files

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research
Premier social science data archive.

Center for Population Research in LGBT Health
"Research shows that sexual and gender minority groups experience health disparities as a result of multiple socio-cultural factors. The Center offers data and resources to health researchers to fill critical knowledge gaps related to the health of sexual and gender minorities, strengthening the foundation for culturally competent treatment and behavior change models."

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