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Philosophy Research Guide: Philosophy Programs & Scholarship

A selection of resources for Philosophy research and scholarship.

Info on Programs and Scholarship

If you are a student considering graduate level work in philosophy or are currently working in philosophy, consider consulting these sites for information on philosophy programs and developments in philosophy scholarship.

Philosophical Gourmet Report: Brian Leiter’s Ranking of Graduate Programs in Philosophy in the English-Speaking World

The Philosophical Gourmet Report is an evaluative directory of graduate programs in philosophy that is maintained by Brian Leiter with the input of an advisory board of professional philosophers from many institutions. The periodically updated directory ranks English-language graduate programs on an overall scale and by specialization.

Richard Heck's "About the Philosophical Gourmet Report"

A critical perspective on Leiter's Philosophical Gourmet Report from Richard Heck of Brown University.

Philosophy Journal Information

A wiki for authors, prospective authors, editors and referees of philosophy journals to share and acquire information on journal policies, practices, etc. N.B. 11/2009 - This wiki is now defunct and the information has been moved to Andrew Cullison's blog, Wide Scope.

Subject Guide

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