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Creating Stable Links to Electronic Articles: HeinOnline

This guide describes how to create stable links to articles licensed by the MSU Libraries.

Creating Stable Links in HeinOnline

To create a stable link to an article in this resource, you have to click on the Permanent Page Link icon found in the page toolbar.

heinonline article page with page toolbar


After clicking on the Permanent Page Link icon, the browser address bar will the duplicate the URL on the page you are viewing making it a stable link. You may then copy and paste the URL to use as your stable link. Examine the link and if it already includes or in the string, you do not need to do anything further. Use the URL to include in your course. If the link does not already include the proxy1 or proxy2 string in the URL, then add the EZProxy string,, in front of it before using it. 

heinonline article page highlighting the URL on the link bar

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