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Creating Stable Links to Electronic Articles: Ebrary

This guide describes how to create stable links to articles licensed by the MSU Libraries.

Creating stable links in Ebrary

Before relying on an Ebrary e-book for a course reading, verify that the e-book has unlimited user access. Some e-books are limited to a single simultaneous user and would therefore result in turn-aways if all students try to read the book the same night. Most catalog entries will now indicate if the e-book is single-user; otherwise multi-user is implied. When you open the e-book, verify the access level by looking for a statement of unlimited user access above the table of contents. If you are unsure as to whether or not an e-book is set up for unlimited user access please Ask A Librarian.

Figure 1: Example of a single-user Ebrary e-book

Catalog record showing single user access

Figure 2: Example of an unlimited user Ebrary e-book

Catalog record showing unlimited user Ebrary e-book

Create a stable link to the e-book by linking to the catalog record. Students can then click through the MSU authorized users link to access. The stable link to the catalog record is listed at the bottom as the "Permanent Record Link."

Figure 3: Library catalog record showing the "Permanent Record Link"

Catalog record with permanent record link highlighted

To link to a specific chapter or page number within an Ebrary e-book use the URL address in the address bar that you see when you are viewing the book. Copy and paste the URL and manually add the following to the end of the URL: &page=xx (where xx is the page you are on, taking care to use the consecutive e-book page number).

Figure 4: Screenshot of Ebrary book highlighting the relevant parts


In this instance, the stable link to this page is

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