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Collection Development Policy Statement: Chemistry

Factors Influencing Collection Policy

A. Anticipated Future Trends

New technologies in the library continue to change the way patrons use the library. Patrons prefer to utilize sources that are available from home or office, particularly web sources, as the web is an ubiquitous tool for online access of materials. We currently collect many electronic journals with web access, such as the ACS Web Journals. There are database tools such as Web-based Reaxys (Beilstein) and SciFinder Scholar, which is available directly via the Web and via downloadable client software.  Other materials, mainly electronic journals and some electronic texts are available from a number of vendors and/or aggregators. Other resources will be added, with the goal of complete web accessibility for the user regardless of their operating software. Adding research data is a potential step for this subject collection. For guidelines, please see MSU's Digital Research Data Collection Development Policy.​

B. Relationships with Other Resources

1. On Campus, Branch, or Format Collections, if any. The Main Library contains most of the research collection for the study of chemistry, including collection strength in agriculture,  chemical engineering, materials sciences, medicine, and allied sciences, including biotechnology.

2. Regional or Network Resources, if any. The University of Michigan is an important resource for chemistry in the state. Other major collections in the "Big Ten" schools are located at the University of Indiana, the University of Illinois, and Purdue. Wayne State University has several journals that are not held by MSU..

C. Relationships to Resources Treated in Other Policy Statement


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Environmental Science:

Environmental Chemistry

Digital Research Data


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