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Collection Development Policy Statement: General Science

Page Coordinator: Anita Ezzo Last updated: 02-26-2012

Purpose or Scope of Collection

A. Curricular/Research/Programmatic Needs

The general science collection of the Michigan State University Main Library supports the instructional and research needs of faculty and students in Lyman Briggs College, the curricular needs of students doing coursework in Integrative Studies in Physical & Biological Sciences, and the general science interest needs of University faculty and students.

Lyman Briggs College is devoted to the study of the natural sciences and their impact on society. Although the College is multidisciplinary and supports many majors in the sciences, it offers a specific major in the History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science which is emphasized in this collection.

Lyman Briggs College and the MSU Department of Fisheries have recently developed a new specialization in Science, Technology, Environment, and Public Policy. Materials to support this new specialization will be emphasized as well.

The collection is heavily used by faculty in the History and Philosophy Departments, as well as by those in a broad spectrum of other departments such Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Classics, Biology, etc.


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