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Collection Development Policy Statement: Medicine

Analysis of the Subject Field

Chronology of the resources collected

Emphasis is almost exclusively on current practice and health policies. A historical collection is not maintained. On occasion older material may be added to complete a series of editions of an important title or complete a journal run.

Languages of resources collected:exclusions/emphases/translations
All material collected is in English. Only major translations are collected. Foreign language materials in the collection were added much earlier. Publications in non-Roman alphabets are not collected.

Geography of the subject:emphases/restrictions
Primary interest is on practices of the U.S. with secondary interest in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth Countries. Medical material on Third World/Developing countries is collected in accordance with MSU's involvement with overseas programs/projects. Materials on non-Western systems of medicine are acquired selectively.

Format of the resources collected
As indicated from the above descriptions of the distributed nature of medical education at MSU, whenever possible the online version of professional medical journals and monographs will be purchased. Materials collected in physical format tend to be updated editions of the most major classic textbooks, materials used in allied health and other undergraduate programs, and materials on medical topics but not clinically oriented, such as health economics, health policy, medical ethics, medical history, and the like. 

Included are serials, textbooks, databases, point-of-care tools, online video and image resources, encyclopedias, dictionaries, medical atlases, directories, proceedings, government publications, bibliographies, and materials relating to certification, licensure, and specialized education/training.

Research data - particularly data that is not already openly available or that cannot/will not be placed in exisiting research data repositories - may be collected.  HIPAA privacy laws may preclude the collection of clinical data . For additional guidelines, please see MSU's Digital Research Data Collection Development Policy.

The following are not collected: theses, catalogs, programmed texts, laboratory manuals,spiral bound works,pocket-sized books, ephemera, and materials appropriate only for Special Collections. Physical format audio visual materials are not purchased unless requested by faculty for class use or as supplemental to a print resource. Such materials are housed in the Digital Media Center.

Consumer health materials are rarely collected.  The focus is on materials to support education at all levels of the university, patient care, and research. 

Date of publication of resources collected
Emphasis is on current publications, preferably the latest two years. Monographic material older than two years is seldom considered unless gaps in significant editions/series are being filled. Older material is also considered for unusual or sparsely covered subjects or in the case of replacements for missing or classic items.

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