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Collection Development Policy Statement: Funding Center

Funding Center

The Funding Center has been a distinct part of the Michigan State University Libraries reference services since the summer of 1978, when it was designated a regional cooperating collection of the Foundation Center, the fourth such collection in the state of Michigan. From the beginning, it has collected materials received through membership in the Foundation Center's network (books, pamphlets, aperture cards, etc.) as well as supplementary materials acquired from other sources concerning funders, fundraising, proposal writing, nonprofit administration, philanthropy, and related topics.

In August 1999, a proposal was made and accepted to merge the financial aid and internship materials from a separate College Guide Collection with the existing Foundation Collection and to assign the new collection the name Funding Center as a part of the general reorganization of reference taking place at the time. As a result of this merger, the new Funding Center will acquire information products about financial aid and interships related to undergraduates, graduates, and postdocs to supplement the information about grants for academia and the nonprofit sector that was always included in the collection.

The Funding Center supervisor has and will continue to order current directories, encyclopedias, handbooks, electronic databases, periodicals, and other related reference products to support this collection as required by its continued membership in the Foundation Center network of regional cooperating libraries (now up to 12 in Michigan). In addition, the Funding Center Supervisor will continue to hold periodic training sessions in the library as required, provide training sessions for non-MSU users and organizations as part of the university's overall land grant and outreach mission, and participate in annual training opportunities sponsored by the Foundation Center and the Council of Michigan Foundations.

The Funding Center is part of the Foundation Center network of regional cooperating collections.

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