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Collection Development Policy Statement: Political Science/Public Policy

Analysis of the Subject Field

A. Chronology: Because the curriculum focuses on developing knowledge, skills, and abilities required by administrators and public policy makers, collection emphasis has been and remains on, primarily, current materials.

B. Language: English is the primary language of the monograph and serial collections. Materials in other languages are selectively ordered primarily by area studies bibliographers.

C. Geography: The major focus is on the United States and Michigan. However, due to the fact that local and national policy issues are impacted by foreign and international developments, a fair amount of materials are collected in these areas as well.

D. Types of materials and formats: Monographs and serial publications are the most commonly acquired type of publication. This includes dictionaries, indexes, abstracts, encyclopedias, and specialized bibliographies. Transactions and proceeedings are acquired selectively, as are major microform or print collections as funding permits. Antiquarian materials and manuscripts from other countries, films or videos, and introductory textbooks are not collected. Popular treatments are selectively collected when they represent interest groups, policy directions, or practical applications. Government documents and maps are selected by librarians who deal with these special formats, although legal materials and reports of private and quasi-public foundations or citizen groups are sometimes collected when they deal with breaking or traditional public policy topics. All MSU PhD disserations and masters theses are collected, as well as publications of MSU faculty or research centers. Computerized databases are acquired as appropriate, making sure we do not provide the same information in both paper and electronic fashion.

E. Data: Adding research data is a potential step for this subject collection. For local guidelines see  http://libguides.lib.msu.edu/c.php?g=139267  Note:  In response to a request from Dr. Michael Colaresi, the MSU Libraries purchased the text of all the Congressional Records  and its predecessors from 1789 through 1918 for research and instruction of political science students in data mining.  Others might consider adding their research data to already existing data archives such as ICPSR. Or the Roper Center Public Opinion Archives.   Additional data archives can be located on the Statistics and Data page. 

For new or additional possible depositories consult Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science List of Data Repositories and DataBib

F. Date of publication: Although we have older materials in our collection, most of the materials in our library were acquired since the 1960s when Michigan State became a major national university. Current materials are emphacized; retrospective acquisitions are very selective.

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