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Collection Development Policy Statement: Political Science/Public Policy

Collection Management Issues

Policy science materials are treated like all other materials in the overall collection. Because of space limitations, multiple copies of the same title are to be avoided. If materials are lost, stolen, or mutilated and still available for purchase, an attempt is made to replace them. No attempt has been made to determine if older materials need to be microfilmed for preservation purposes.

A. Selection and Acquisition of Materials:

  • At present, the subject specialist signs off on Yankee University Press (1077) and Yankee Social Science/Humanities (1091) books and selects from Yankee approval slips. In addition to this, firm orders are generated from various publisher catalogs, sales blurbs, and selected library acquisition lists.

B. Cooperative Agreements :

  • At present, there are no cooperative agreements between the BTAA institutions or with other regional universities in Michigan in the areas of political science/public policy other than those developed by the area studies librarians.

C. Legal Requirements :

  • As a Foundation Center Cooperating Collection, we are required to collect a wide range of materials related to funding source identification tools, fundraising and proposal writing resources, and materials related to the nonprofit sector and philanthropy.
  • The Library also participates in various government documents depository programs but they are handled by the Government Information Librarian.

D. Web Pages : The Political Science librarian has created a basic research guide for faculty and students.



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