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Computer Game Design and Development Resources: Books


Most print recent books about computer and video games and related topics such as computer programming languages, computer graphics, and software development are located in the Main Library.  Many of the titles on these topic are now e-books.  Print books and and e-books may be located by using the MSU Libraries' online catalog. The catalog may be searched by author, title, subject, or keyword. Use the author or title search to locate a particular item. Use the keyword or subject search to locate resources about a topic. A subject search can give the most precise results but if you are not very familiar with the subject area you may not know what subject headings will give you the best results. One strategy is to do a keyword search using the words you are familiar with and then look at the information for each item and see what subject headings are used for the books that you find the most useful. You can then do a new search using the subject heading(s) you found.   One problem with using subject heading in searching for materials on this is the time lag between the development of official subject heading like the one below and language used in the field.  For example there is no subject heading for "indie games" yet.  You will find material if you do a keyword search on indie games but the official subject heading will not have the word "indie" in them. 

Some useful subject headings for computer game design and development are Computer games, Computer games--Design,  Computer games--Programming, Computer games--Social aspects, Video Games, Video games--Design, and Video games--Social Aspects

You can also use keyword and subject searches to locate material on related topic such computer programming, computer graphics, and the video game industry.



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