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Amino Acids Pathfinder

Page Coordinator: Judy Matthews Last updated: 01-19-2010

Other Resources

Dictionary of Chemistry

Online Resource
This is an online version of an Oxford University Press reference book, one of more than 100 titles in the Oxford Reference Online set. Single books, all books in the set dealing with one subject area, or the entire set can be keyword searched or browsed.

Chemical Property Information: CAS Registry Number
This site is also apart of the Concordia Library's site and is maintained by the subject specialist, Joanna Duy. The purpose of this site is to locate CAS Registry Numbers. A CAS-RN is a unique number given to a chemical. The site offers two search capabilities, one for finding the number of a compound and the other for locating data for each CAS-RN number. Several of the sites above list the CAS-RN with the compound. Use this tool to help find unknown CAS-RN's.

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